What Political Party Does Debora Allen Belong to?

There's a lot of disinformation going around in the Contra Costa Supervisor race this month in District 4. The die-hard labor activists are trying to swing the election for Debora's opponent and have spent over $230K opposing her and supporting her opponent. They are purposely spreading disinformation to non-Republican voters through campaign phone calls, door to door canvassing, social media ads and videos, and even a website, all claiming that Debora Allen is a vicious, toxic, racist, divisive or extreme Republican.

So what political party does Debora Allen belong to?


Debora Allen is a former Republican, having re-registered on January 14, 2019 to "No Party Preference" (aka independent). No Party Preference (NPP) registration is a fast growing alternative to traditional party membership. This question has been asked of Debora over and over for almost 4 years, and also asked repeatedly over the last 11 months of the Supervisor race. Debora Allen has not been a registered Republican in almost four years. The political action committee behind the campaign for Debora's opponent, made up equally of construction and public employee labor unions, knows that the information they are spreading is a untrue. They are trying to confuse the voters, especially Democrats and some NPP's that would not vote for a Republican. Those interests know that they cannot win this race against a bold independent woman like Debora without spreading disinformation about her.

Debora stands up to special interests and calls out the Kabuki Theater of local government and that angers the construction labor unions fighting for union-only Project Labor Agreements (PLA) and it also angers the public employee unions fighting for more wages and benefits. So they are fighting back by confusing the voter with lies. It's all they have. 

Below is a link to a copy of a letter from the Contra Costa County Clerk's office confirming the political party history of both Debora Allen and her opponent. It turns out they are BOTH former Republicans. It's quite hypocritical of Debora's opponents to disparage Debora as a "radical" or "extreme" person for having been previously a registered Republican, when their own candidate is the same. Debora re-registered with "No Party Preference" on January 14, 2019, and her opponent changed his registration from Republican to Democrat on June 18, 2014.

Debora Allen is not tied to either party. That leaves her in a position to look at our county issues with independence and make policy decisions based on what's best for the community, not what's best for politicians and self-dealing special interests. Here's proof, in case you need it:

Letter from the Contra Costa County Clerk-Recorder-Elections Office providing the political party registration of the Supervisor Candidates.