With a 35-year career in private sector financial, executive, and business ownership roles, combined with over a decade of local government public service, Debora Allen has the experience needed to hit the ground running as our next Board Supervisor in Contra Costa County.

Debora's career spanned Certified Public Accountant, Tax Manager, Chief Financial Officer and business owner in the real estate, manufacturing, and construction industries. Debora knows how housing is built, how a budget is balanced, and how important people are to any organization.

Debora has a bachelor's degree in business administration with accounting concentration. She has years of continuing professional education in the areas of auditing, taxation, finance, institutional investing, compliance and software conversion.

Contra Costa Employees’ Retirement Association (CCCERA) 2011-2017: 

As a Trustee on Contra Costa's pension board, Debora worked to stabilize the county’s volatile pension system after the Great Recession as it struggled to recover from the devastating impacts the market crash had on investment portfolios. Debora was a key participant in the reform of policies for investment balancing, actuarial assumptions, and liability based funding. That work laid the path for a pension plan that today is over 90% funded, among the best performing in California. Other contributions included spinning the agency off from Contra Costa County to create an independent, stand-alone entity that is free from political interference.  

The oversight work included: 

  • Enactment of the 2013 PEPRA pension reform
  • Investment portfolio decisions on $7B of assets.
  • Actuarial assumptions policy and analysis
  • Executive level hiring and management
  • Disability hearings and legal matters
  • Employer contribution compliance
  • Labor negotiation


San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) 2016-present:

As an elected Board Director for San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit, Debora has earned a reputation as an independent voice on the BART Board, a standard-bearer for taxpayers and riders who challenges the status quo of the 5th largest transit agency in America to be more transparent and accountable to them for its $2.4B annual budget and the service it delivers.

Debora has championed common-sense solutions to the rampant fare evasion problem that costs BART $25 million per year and is correlated to criminal activity. She pressured the agency to begin keeping new data on aspects of fare evasion, and to actually calculate the lost revenue. The result is the agency, and eventually the entire board, agreed to replace fare gates, raise railings, enclose elevators in the paid area, install new locking emergency gates, and enhance surveillance measures.  Some has been completed, with a major fare-gate replacement project underway.

Debora has consistently fought to improve public safety by expanding police officer presence on trains and in stations, pressuring the BART management to fill the 47 officer positions that sat vacant in 2017. She advocated for a plan to add an additional 19 new officer positions each year over five years, and fiercely rejected the plan of other board directors to make BART free of both fares and police. Debora stood up to other board members and their followers to oppose calls to de-fund and disarm BART officers.  She has consistently opposed efforts to eliminate all fare enforcement in the system.

As a professional financial analyst, Debora has reviewed budgets in depth and exposed the true pandemic budget picture to the public when operating expenses increased by 6% year over year despite 88% loss in ridership.

Debora was instrumental in creating and advancing the Office of BART Inspector General to address fraud, waste, and abuse at BART, and also served as the first Chair of the Standing BART Audit Committee -- important steps in eliminating wasteful spending at the transportation agency.

Debora proposed a new ordinance to prohibit all panhandling activity inside the fare gates, a common-sense proposal to improve the rider experience on trains that ultimately, San Francisco directors opposed and defeated.

Debora has been a strong advocate for improved accessible transportation services for physically and mentally challenged transit riders.

Other Boards and Committees:

Over the last 5 years, in addition to her role on the BART Board of Directors, Debora also served on the following boards, commissions and committees:

  • Capitol Corridor JPA
  • CCTA Innovate 680 Committee
  • Contra Costa Transportation Authority
  • Pleasant Hill BART Leasing Authority
  • West Contra Costa Transportation Advisory Committee
  • CCTA Accessible Transportation Strategic Policy Advisory Committee


Other Non-profit Service:

Debora's public service began as a young mother of a 5-year old just beginning his sports experiences in T-ball and soccer. As a result, she served as the Treasurer an Vice President of Clayton Valley Little League, and as a volunteer and supporter to Mt. Diablo Soccer Association, Cub Scouts, Boys Scouts  of America, Concord Mt. Diablo Trail Ride Association, Boys and Girls Clubs, American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, and numerous construction and real estate industry associations before landing in local government public service.