We Support Debora Allen!


"I am proud to be supported and/or endorsed by industry groups, professionals, elected officials, community organizers, friends, family, and neighbors just like you."


Labor and Industry Associations:


State, County and Regional Leaders:

Supervisor Candace Andersen, Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors, District 2
Supervisor Jim Spering, Solano County Board of Supervisors, District 3
Russell Watts, Contra Costa County Treasurer - Tax Collector
Robert Campbell, Contra Costa County Auditor - Controller
Elizabeth Ames, San Francisco BART Director District 6
John McPartland, San Francisco BART Director District 5
Lynne Leach, CA State Assemblywoman, District 15 (ret)
Joe Fitzpatrick, San Francisco BART Director District 1 (ret)


City and Special District Leaders

Peter Cloven, Clayton Mayor

Carl "CW" Wolfe, Clayton Councilmember/Past Mayor

Renee Morgan, Danville Councilmember/Past Mayor

Karen Stepper, Danville Councilmember/Past Mayor

Susan Candell, Lafayette Councilmember/Past Mayor

Darlene Gee, Orinda Councilmember/Past Mayor

Jelani Killings, Pittsburg Councilmember/Past Mayor

Scott Perkins, San Ramon Councilmember/Vice Mayor

Susan Morgan, Ironhouse Sanitary District Board President, and VP of Contra Costa Special Districts Assoc.

Sean Wright, Antioch Mayor (ret)

Pete Laurence, Clayton Mayor (ret)

Howard Geller, Clayton Mayor (ret)

David Shuey, Clayton Mayor (ret)

Colleen Coll, Concord Mayor (ret)

Jack Weir, Pleasant Hill Mayor (ret)

H. Abram Wilson, San Ramon Mayor (ret)

Mark Green, Union City Mayor (ret)

Susan McNulty-Rainey, Walnut Creek Mayor (ret)

Merle Hall, Walnut Creek Mayor (ret)

Greg Marvel, San Ramon Unified School District Board Member (ret)


Other Community Leaders

Tricia England, Blackhawk Chief of Police (ret)
Dirk Lorenz, Fremont Business Owner
John Phillips, CCCERA Trustee
Steven Schramm, Pleasant Hill Planning Commissioner (ret
Kenneth P. Strongman, Walnut Creek Planning Commissioner
Elise Warren, City of Clayton Chief of Police