The Experienced Choice, Representing Your Voice

VOTE on or before Nov 8th either by mail or in person!

Residents of Contra Costa County's Supervisor District 4 will have an opportunity to elect a common-sense, no-nonsense candidate with a reputation for challenging the status quo.

With over a decade of public service to Contra Costa County, I've earned a reputation as a fiscal watchdog who understands the needs of taxpayers and who is willing to ask difficult questions. I’m a team player who isn’t afraid to speak my mind, a candidate known to challenge special interests and do what’s right for the people government serves. 

My track record as an advocate for good governance speaks for itself. As an elected member of the BART board of directors, I fought against entrenched, do-nothing policies and questioned the old way of doing things. As an appointed member of the Contra Costa pension board, I worked to stabilize a substantially underfunded pension system after the Great Recession.

I've earned the respect and support of the men and women in law enforcement. Four of our most pAs BART director, I've partnered to expand community policing, reduce perceived inequalities, and improve public safety. I led the charge to replace BART's 50-year-old station entrances, the primary cause of fare evasion that cost the agency $25+ million a year in lost revenues and is linked to increased crime in the transit system.

I also led the effort to bring more oversight to the transit agency, working tirelessly to develop BART's first Office of Inspector General, overcoming the resistance of some directors and management. I chaired BART's first Standing Audit Committee and demanded transparency and accountability to taxpayers at every turn.

I am experienced in housing, construction management, job creation, homeless initiatives, regional transportation, budgeting, and planning. As Supervisor, I will fight for improved mental health services, supportive community programs, and more jobs and housing, while never losing focus on the most efficient use of taxpayer dollars. 

With 25 years in executive-level management in the private sector as a CPA, Tax Manager, CFO, and business owner, I am the only candidate with regional elected experience who understands the needs of small business owners. I will fight in support of programs that encourage job creation and sustainability. I will battle back against bureaucracy and red tape that drive up the cost of virtually everything in Contra Costa.

My proven work ethic and strong leadership skills make me the right choice to move our county forward.

Warning: I am no puppet! Learn more about the attacks on Debora and lies about her record.

I humbly ask you for your support and vote on November 8th for Contra Costa County Supervisor.

Let's get to work, together!